Anne Hathaway Somebody To Love

Anne Hathaway Somebody To LoveAnne Hathaway and Adam Shulman: SoHo Sweethearts The Gossip Girls - ‎Aug 28, 2009‎ Making the most of a beautiful day in New York City, Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Schulman were spotted out and about in SoHo yesterday (August 27). ...An English Rose for 'Office' star John Krasinski Monsters and - April MacIntyre - ‎5 hours ago‎ Delightful British actress Emily Blunt, who was the perfect foil for Anne Hathaway in ''The Devil Wears Prada'' is ...Anne Hathaway hosts repeat Saturday Night Live on Sept. 5 - ‎Aug 26, 2009‎ The October 2008 Saturday Night Live program featuring Anne Hathaway as host will be rebroadcast on Sept. 5, NBC announced this afternoon. ...'Simpsons' guest voices for upcoming season include Seth Rogen ... Entertainment Weekly - Mike Bruno - ‎Aug 6, 2009‎ During its panel at the TCA summer press tour today, Fox announced that Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Anne Hathaway, Neve Campbell, ...Hugh Jackman's Gonna Get You, Suckers E! Online - Erik Pedersen - ‎Aug 3, 2009‎ The female lead is being written with an actress in mind: Anne Hathaway, Jackman's Oscar night singing partner. While the huckster has already been the ...Spotted: Joe Jonas Working Up A Sweat & Anne Hathaway Filming ... - Lindsay Soll - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎ Below, Joe's maybe-new boss (Mr. Marshall, in the black hat) directs Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace for a scene in the flick. Click on the photo above to ...Anne Hathaway Forgets Her Trousers In New York - Pictures Entertainmentwise - ‎Aug 28, 2009‎ The actress was showing a lot of toned leg while out and about with boyfriend in New York's Soho. But she hadn't left the house half-dressed – close ...

"Anne Hathaway Somebody To Love"

I think it was a good decision making the movie like this. When I first saw this I think I really liked it, except for the fact where Anne Hathaway nearly stabs Char because I thought Anne Hathaway was actually going to do it. It was a good way to make the movie interesting to little kids, though.

Anne Hathaway's very pretty and have a excellent voice.
that's amazing :D

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VS Steve Carell Movie Mastermind

Anne Hathaway vs Steve Carell Movie Mastermind

"Anne Hathaway vs Steve Carell Movie Mastermind"

LOL Get Smart was a GREAt movie!! :D
Anne Hathaway vs Steve Carell Movie Mastermind Their chemistry was sooo good!

Anne Hathaway vs Steve Carell Movie Mastermind, They really are so charming together. Anne's bubbliness compliments Steve's dry sarcasm and calm demeanor so well. Steve's so cute. They're so funny together! :D. Steve carrel is the best.... anna doesn't show one bit of expressing herself more to pll

lol malrovia! i loved anne hathaway's reaction when Steve Carell was guessing!

BTW...Is it just me or does anne hathaway just has the most beautifulist smile ever. everytime she smile wow i just go under her spell lol so beautiful

Love Em!lol

Anyway :D She's so genuinely sweet. Anne Hathaway's laugh at the end ^_^

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Kate Hudson

Anne Hathaway - Kate HudsonAnne Hathaway - Kate HudsonKate Hudson or Anne Hathaway?

Yeah... As an actress, I'd say Anne Hathaway's better.

But I loved Kate Hudson's character in Almost Famous, so it's a bit of a tossup.

  • Anne Hathaway! She is going to be excellent as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland 2010, even though her eyebrows are annoying me in the pictures.

  • i like anne hathaway better. i like alot of movies shes been in and shes really pretty..but kate hudsons ok too..but i had to pick

  • Meg by Meg
    Kate Hudson I still cant believe anne hathaway is a star she is so plain
    and boring kate is fun hip and love her movies

  • Zma by Zma
    Kate Hudson

  • Kate Hudson!


Anne Hathaway - Hollywood Glamour to Venice

anne hathaway china dailyanne hathaway the dud3

Anne Hathaway, she Brings Hollywood Glamour to Venice...

She was every inch the Hollywood starlet as she arrived at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. Anne Hathaway was there to present her latest film, 'Rachel Getting Married', which is appearing in competition at the festival.
great to see Anne Hathaway in a different role
Gag me with an affected actress....and that film stunk!
yeaa, it was pretty boring..i kept waiting for something to happen...and ended.

but i love Anne Hathaway
I think Anne Hathaway started smoking before.
You don't LITERALLY become a smoker for a role; you're pretending.
If she "quit" smoking, then she was a smoker before the movie.
Anne Hathaway is beautiful and the movie is truly boring...
yeahhhh trueeee
anne is veryy beautiful and the movie is really boring
haha yeah movie is boring
Great actor, great performance, terrible movie.
haha yeah movie is boring
we miss Anne Hathaway alot

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